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First Artificial Intelligence War

First Artificial Intelligence War!

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest technologies that have the potential to change the face of combat in the years to come. The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was established by the Department of Defense to win the intelligence war. AI can allow autonomous systems to perform tasks, access sensory integration, perform tasks, and perform better, faster decisions than humans, according to some theories. AI develops rapidly, and those goals can be met soon. In the meantime, artificial intelligence will contribute to the normal, and tedious work that soldiers do in unchallenged situations.

First Artificial Intelligence War

Throughout its work in the Guardian of the Walls against Hamas, Israel demonstrated how AI exploits the War and called it the “First Intelligence War.” They have used a lot of supercomputing and rely heavily on machine learning and data collection. AI and machine learning are fundamental and compelling repetitions rather than using a ground force or air force.

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The Air Force and Navies now control the sky and the sea, respectively. However, one thing that is common to all conflicts is that fighting is constantly changing, growing, and embracing ideas and technologies to create a win. Space and cyberspace have already been introduced as new dimensions. Without several agreements in place, the export of chemical and biological weapons is still possible.

Significant changes in the way you fight can be easily seen. Space and cyberspaces have already been introduced as a new dimension. Drones, roaming weapons, and ingenuity to be installed by the next game-changers. If necessary, a new-looking Infantry with state-of-the-art equipment, weapons, and modern equipment will come on the scene to make decisions or combine benefits. Drones shooting enemy soldiers are becoming more common, and the days of hand-to-hand combat are fast approaching. Emerging artists will have a new avatar to play and new roles to fill. Tanks, mechanical columns, and shotguns will all be useful, but their roles and responsibilities will change, and there will be no consistent tests based on the desired goal or objective. Degradation of enemy warfare will require a variety of tools, including air, naval, and space power, and AI and advanced machine learning. Data collection and cyber intelligence will go hand in hand.

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Given current trends, it is expected that the use of artificial intelligence, drones, cyber weapons, and assassination programs, as well as space-based surveillance and the construction of a defence umbrella with offensive capabilities, skills such as the Iron Dome, and the use of deadly independent robots, will be important practices. in the coming wars.

Data Collection in Artificial intelligence

In the following battles, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a major role. Countries such as China are said to have been collecting information on military use for a long time. It is thought that there is a company in the United States that only invests in data collection. Big data requires translation and prediction. The findings were double-checked for accuracy before being sent to the AI ​​system. In Pakistan, a network of connected AI Bots installed alongside the control line or in certain border areas, with weapons controlled from the ground, can make difficult missions easier; of course, a combination of the human-machine will be installed. There will be 24 * 7 monitoring, and the drones will help with this by transmitting information to the bots to perform another action. In this way, Pakistan has taken down many drones before entering its range.

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