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AI in Defence

Should Artificial Intelligence be used in Defence?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the powerful technologies that may change the course of warfare in the coming years. Many developed countries are adopting this technology to strengthen their defence. While some people think that countries should implement Artificial Intelligence technologies in their defence, especially in war situations, others think that this should not be implemented. I strongly believe that countries should induct AI technologies in their defence because the machines are much faster in making decisions and are tireless. Also, they can recognize war-related objects efficiently and are free from all kinds of fears and pressure.

Firstly, machines can make decisions much faster as compared to human beings. According to research, machines can perform calculations 10 million times faster than a human brain. For example, an AI-capable machine will immediately decide on what weapons are suitable under specific circumstances, while a soldier may take a longer time to decide as he has many other ideas revolving in his head. Furthermore, machines are tireless. A machine never needs rest and food. It can attack the enemy for several days. It just needs a constant source of power for its functioning. In contrast, a soldier fighting for a long day will eventually become tired and will need to take a break, along with something to eat, to restore his energy.

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Secondly, machines are very efficient in detecting war-related objects. This will help in the pre-battle preparations. For example, a T-90 main battle tank will be identified by a machine by just looking at the satellite image. Also, they can be used to identify the bombs or land mines that humans may fail to detect. This will save the lives of the soldiers. Machines are also capable of detecting high-value targets in a crowd. The information is then sent to a soldier for further action.

Lastly, the AI-capable machines are free from all kinds of fears. They also feel no pressure. So they can be used in any tense conditions where humans may fail to give their best due to stress. This is because humans lose their physical strength and mental abilities when they are in difficult situations. According to The American Institute of Stress, 77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health. Additionally, 73% of people have stress that impacts their mental health.

In conclusion, I can say that it would be much beneficial if the countries start using AI in their defence. The AI machines will facilitate faster resolution of problems. Additionally, they will fight the enemy without needing any break or food. They will also prove to be beneficial in the planning stages of the war by earlier recognition of the weapons and war vehicles. Moreover, the machines will be tension-free in any difficult situation and will continue to put forth their efforts, without any hurdles, to defeat the enemy.

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