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How to get Google Adsense Approval?[2024]

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising networks in the online community. It is an open secret that many companies want to compete with Google Adsense. But it is winning the race by a long way.

Since it is the best, but not simple to get approved. Google Adsense is a business company. Business increases by giving and taking. Therefore they want to partner with them which gives them valuable content.

Google Adsense is strict in approving. Many people made simple mistakes and they were rejected. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before applying for approval. Adsense criteria changes with the passage of time but now the following is working perfectly.

Tips before applying for Google Adsense Approval:

Here is the googke adsense approval process. Kindly follow all the steps to get approval immediately.

Custom Domain

It is always better to go for top-level domains like or Although they will cost you higher, they will help you in long run. If you have a blog on, you can apply there as it is also a Google product but that is the only exception as to getting approval for a free account. Now it is just impossible to get approval on the free domain.

Domain Age

Domain age matters but not as long as you are thinking. If you have 3 to 6-month-old age then you should apply. Google Adsense does not approve the domain immediately. You should wait if you have a new domain.

Web Hosting

If you use free web hosting then be prepared to get rejected. Always purchase good hosting for a blog. Free hosting is slow therefore they got rejected by Google Adsense. Good web hosting will increase your website speed.

Well Organised Content

Your content should be well structured and SEO friendly. The content should be original, not plagiarized. Quality means a lot for google. Keep in mind, when you apply for google AdSense, each account is verified by the human eye.

About Us/Contact Us and Privacy Policy page

Privacy Policy is one of the prerequisites for Google Adsense.  It Informs your visitors about what information you are collecting. Also, the About us page tells the user about your expertise. If anyone wants to contact you he can use Contact Us page. These pages must have on your site.


If you are rejected many times due to a google policy violation then you must have DMCA page. I was also rejected when I applied for Adsense. Then I created this page and within 24 hours my site was approved by Google.

The function of this page is to neutralize some copyrighted content on your website. Therefore you must have it before applying for Google Adsense.

Minimum Posts

It does not matter how many blog posts have you posted. Quality must be ensured. You can get approval by just posting 3 posts but it’s not recommended.

It is often seen, that many people get rejected after 100 plus posts and many get approval after a few posts. The quality of content matters in this regard. So, focus on your writings.

Google wants original and plagiarized-free content.

Posts Arrangements

Posts arrangement will also help you to get Adsense approval. You should select the best-visited posts on your sites. Then update them to five days such that every post in every day before applying for Google Adsense.

Minimum Blog Traffic

You don’t need to have high traffic to apply for Google Adsense. You just need a handful number of visitors on your post. The traffic, however, should come from reliable sources like a search engines and social media.

Also, Google encourages social shares are organic traffic

Blog Speed

You should optimize your site before applying for Adsense. Google Adsense doesn’t like lazy sites. High blog speed will also help to get more traffic. You should use optimizing plugins like wp-rocket. Moreover, lite themes will help in this regard.

Blog Theme

Your blog must look nice. As it was mentioned earlier that your blog will be verified by humans. Therefore it should look professional and attractive. Your blog theme will help to make your site look professional.

Original Identity

Apply with your real name and ID etc. Make sure to fill all the forms correctly. Your all credentials and addresses must be originals. If you use your nicknames you might be rejected.

Best Of Luck!


Google Adsense Approval FAQ

Does number of posts matters for the Google Adsense Approval?

No, It does not matter. Only content quality matters.

Does website theme matters for Adsense Approval?

Yes, It matters and you should use lite themes for approval

What is the most important for Google Adsense approval?

The most important for the AdSense approval is the Privacy Policy page.

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