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What are Digital Products [2024]

We are living in diverse marketplaces. People are earning money from different avenues. One of them is digital products. If you think that it will be a quick-rich scheme then you are wrong It is a source of passive income which requires patience. In this business, a one-time investment is necessary which is cheaper than a physical shop.

What is a Product?

A product is an item which we can sell and make money. The barter system also exists in products in which one exchanges their products or services. The barter system is a commensalism relationship in which both parties get benefits. Products include a piece of cloth, a table, a book etc.

What is a digital product?

The online world has opened up a new category of products that is digital products. A digital product is anything that we can sell online on the internet. These products physically do not exist. We can’t touch taste and smell these products. Sometimes we can change these digital products into physical products. For example, we buy an e-book then we print out of this book. In this way, we are converting a digital product into a physical product.

You can sell these products only when they are adding value to users. If these are not, true wealth becomes impossible.

What are the Advantages of digital products over physical products?

Here are some advantages of digital products over physical products:

  • The inventory doesn’t become an issue
  • It does not require a physical place to store products
  • The customers can receive their products immediately
  • No middleman is required
  • Delivery charges are absents
  • One created never goes out of stock
  • It is easier to manage sales and deliver
  • You can work from anywhere

The most important aspects of the digital product business are that you can operate anywhere from the world and sell your products.

What are the disadvantages of digital products over physical products?

Look at some of the disadvantages of digital products over physical products:

  • Security issues of users
  • Crack software can lower revenue
  • The website can be down and lose some data, you’re going to bleed sales until the issue is resolved
  • Courses can be copied
  • The website can be hacked and products may be destroyed

These are some security and technical issues on which you can work and upgrade them.

How Can You Market Digital Products More Effectively?

Marketing digital product is pretty much same as the physical products. First of all, you have to define your audience, target the brands which can promote your products.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Secondly, you have to do market research that which product is selling the best. You should spend 80% time on research and 20% on making the product. This is called the 80/20 rule. This principle will increase your sale. If you can’t do it, you should hire a digital marketer. Selling something is a skill.

Top 6 Profitable Digital Products To Sell Online



E-book stands for electronic-book which are growing in popularity over the decade. You can write an e-book on any topic according to your choice. Once it is completed, you don’t have to do any further work—other than marketing e-books. It allows you to generate passive income over months and years. You can either self-publish on your website or seek traditionally marketplaces.

Sell Courses

Selling courses is also a digital product. You can create a course according to your domain of expertise and sell it. You just need a good camera phone, mice and good lighting. After creating your course, you can sell in on different marketplaces such as Udemy, Coursera etc.

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Clients can take your course on their own time. There are no time restrictions on classes. Plus you can create multiple courses such as beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level with different price sets.


Since millions of people publish their content on the web every day and there is a demand for unique photographs. If you like to click pictures, you can sell them on the internet. Stock photo sites buy images from creators just like you.


Alternatively, you can sell your images on your website. Many photographers do this because they do not want to share their profit with the marketplace. A great way to get traffic on your photography, post images on Flickr and Instagram because these sites protect the rights.

They can sell different products on a variety of marketplace such as:

  • Novelty products
  • Digital files only
  • Large canvases
  • Small prints
  • Business Cards
  • Brushers

If you are a shutterbug then the sky is the limit.

Web Elements

There is a huge demand for web elements on the internet. if you are a developer, you can create WordPress themes and plugins. These themes and plugins can be sell and earn passive income.

Once you create a theme then you just have to update it according to the content management system which is not much time taking because you are not creating it from scratch. If you are creative then there is no limit for you.

Software Programs

If you’re a computer whiz, creating a new piece of software might launch you into the world of opportunities. You can create a software program and sell a subscription to it. People love software because they make their task super easy.

These days, many programs are sold as subscriptions rather than licenses. In other words, your customers pay a monthly fee to use your software. As long as they pay, they get access. If you sell a licence, you get paid only once. Therefore subscription is more beneficial than licenced.

Graphic Arts

graphic arts
Graphic Arts

If you like to play with colours, you should try graphic design. It pays you long run. Many people don’t know how to create graphics and icons. You can create for them and earn money.

You can create art for websites. These will pay you a lot. Graphic arts includes backgrounds, texture, fonts, overlays,  shapes and templates. It is a work of creativity.

How To Start Selling Digital Products Online?

Once you have a product to sell, you have to find a place on which you can sell it. This depends on which types of product are you selling. We always recommended you have your website sell these products instead of third party marketplaces.

Having your website will you give direct access to customers. You may also stop paying a hefty subscription fee, which several sites charge.

Here are some marketplaces where you can sell your products:

  • Simple Goods
  • SendOwl
  • Pulley
  • PayLoadz
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Sell wire
  • FastSpring.

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