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How to level up Python logic with 6 Python projects?

Are you looking for python logic (or starting your career in it)?

Well, it is best to start with a python project that can help polish your skill and logic. Python beginners were always in trouble, from where to start. Here are some projects that can help you to enhance your coding skills. It will also help you if you are a student of Artificial Intelligence or Data Science.

Python is considered one of the best programming language and is popular among web developers. It is widely used in mobile app development. Many mobile apps are going to translate from java into python. But with such a range of game development, machine learning projects, web scraping and website building, Python can be a troublemaker for developers if they don’t approach it correctly.

What is the right way to polish Python coding skills?

As we know, practice makes a man perfect, in the same way, “Practices make a Developer perfect”. The more a Developer will code, the more skills will polish up and increase their logic building skills. Practice is the only thing that will help in the long run. Here are some major projects of Python that can improve your coding skills.

Number Guessing

Python beginners can start with a number guessing game. It will be exciting and offer a good learning experience. The mini-game can include a random number between 1 to 10 etc. You should use the prompt message to give hints. This help to your logic building skill.

Remember, this is the start of a journey of thousands of miles.

Dice Rolling Simulation

The imitation of rolling dice is often a stimulating project for beginners to get random numbers between 1 and 6. It is a beginner level python project. it can help in solidifying the foundation for the developers and clearing basics programming concepts.

Website Scraping Python Project

Python is used for website scraping projects. It can be done by using packages including Selenium, Beautiful Soup and scrapy. For this, the developers must have basics knowledge of HTML that can help them in scraping. In web scraping first of all you need a website to scrap. Then we inspect it and write the code to get the information that we need.

Flappy Bird

Python developers can also get hands-on experience to build the Flappy bird game. It can help the developers understand the complexities most simply. The python developers can use the pygame module to develop games like Flappy Bird. In this game the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between columns of different colours pipes without hitting them. Almost all of us have played it already.

Website Blocker

Many unwanted websites pop up appears while surfing the internet. However, with the help of Website Blocker, it is possible to block these websites from opening up. The useful Python project can help to understand the hooks of the programming language.

Tic Tac Toe Game

This is a beginner level game that will help to understand python logic. It was my first project at university to develop tic tac toe. Although it was very simple, I found it very hard. Because I had no practice. You can choose it for your first python project. This project will help you to understand how to develop logic and implement it.

               That’s it, Good Luck!

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