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12 the Best Chrome Extensions

12 Best Chrome Extensions for Anyone Working Online

If you work online as a blogger, web developer, YouTuber, digital marketer or anyone working online, you should have these chrome extensions. It will help you a lot.


A lot, while you are working online. In this blog, I will tell you the 12 best chrome extensions that everyone must have, and I will also provide you with the extensions link.

What are extensions?

Chrome Extensions are software programs, built on web technologies that enable users to enhance browsing experiences. These extensions work with the browser and add additional functionality. Therefore they are also called chrome addons.

12 Best Chrome Extensions For Online Working

Here are chrome extensions that will boost your productivity skylarking.

1. Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly is a  treasure. It helps you a lot if you are writing an email, writing a blog post or writing anything online. It will fix your spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and punctuation and also suggest better words. I think at least every student must have this extension.

You can add its extensions as well as can download the app to get more features.

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2. ColorZilla Chrome Extension

If you are designing your blog, website, social media post or anything, it will help to pick any colour code from any website or any page on the internet. When we are surfing any website and we like any colour but we don’t know its colour code, it will help in this regard.

It is very useful when we are designing our website landing page.

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3. WhatFont

WhatFont is a very amazing chrome extension that helps to tell the font of any word on the internet. If you are surfing any website and you like the font family that was used in the website or post, just click the WhatFont Chrome extension to get the Font. It will also tell the weight and size of that font.

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4. AdBlock

AdBlock is one of the best chrome extensions to Block the ad. Whenever we surf any website we see many ads. Sometimes these ads are very irritating and dirty so you can use this extension to block all these types of ads.

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5. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is also a great chrome extension. It will help you to understand what CMS is being used and all the things that have been integrated into any website. It will give information such as Web Server, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixels. You can get information that what is happening in the background. It is the best tool to analyze any website and its features. You can spy on any website and get ideas.

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6. Notion Web Clipper

Notion Web Clipper helps you to save anything from the web. For example, if you are reading an article on the web you can save it in web clipper. After saving any file you can access it anytime and without the internet. It is also a small application to manage your personal life, projects and businesses.

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7. SimilarWeb

If you are surfing any website SimilarWeb will help you to analyze any website. It will give brief information about the website such as Global rank, country rank, traffic volume, bounce rate, page per visit and many more. Here you can find competitors’ information and their source of traffic.

If you want to find information about any website, then SimarWeb is a great option.

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8. GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail

GMas is simply a small application and chrome extension that will turn your g mail account into an e-mail marketing application. If you add this extension to your chrome you will get the GMas option in sending an e-mail. Here you can send an e-mail to a bulk list of e-mail accounts. Many more features you can explore. there It is one of the best tools for digital marketing.

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9. Keywords Everywhere

One of the best applications and chrome extensions is keywords everywhere for SEO.

If you search any keyword on Chrome Keyword Everywhere will automatically give you search volume, CPC  and competition for this keyword. It will also suggest related keywords, what people are searching and long-tail keywords.

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10. VidIQ Vision for YouTube

If you are a YouTuber, you have heard about it. VidIQ is one of the best chrome extensions, it will help you to grow your Youtube channel. It will suggest you the best time to publish your video and give your SEO score. VidIQ Vision has a lot of features. It will help you to boost your YouTube views and subscribers.

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11. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an amazing free chrome extension for SEO. It will help to get the information about Domain Authority, estimate monthly visits and unique domains referral to that particular URL. You can also get an idea about backlinks.

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12. INSSIST Chrome Extension

It is one of the best chrome extensions to manage an Instagram account on a desktop. if you click on this extension you will manage Instagram posts, hashtags and everything from a desktop. INSSIST is an awesome extension to manage Instagram.

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If you have any Queries related to Extensions, feel free to ask in the comment box.


FAQ’s Best Chrome Extensions

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Every Students

  1. Grammarly
  2. Google Dictionary
  3. StayFocusd
  4. Google Translate
  5. Power Thesaurus

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

  1. Colorzilla
  2. WhatFont
  3. Wappalyzer
  4. Github
  5. CSS Viewer

5 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO

  1. Keywords Everywhere
  2. VidIQ Vision For YouTube
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. SimilarWeb
  5. SEO Site Tools

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