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Free NayaPay Debit Card With No Annual fee

You might be confused that if I have my standard bank account and Debit card, then why should I go for this NayaPay debit card?
The simple and to-the-point answer is no annual fee with international payment acceptance.
Yes, the NayaPay debit card is 100% free having no annual fee for a lifetime. I consider this card to order because I want a secondary card for my online purchasing tools such as website domains and hosting. I think this card is the best choice for digital markers. If they don’t set a budget limit on their card, their card will be eventually empty. In this scenario, we can use this card and deposit only the money that we want to spend on ads.

Who Can Apply for NayaPay?

Any Pakistani citizen over the age of 18 can open a NayaPay wallet and use it to make payments, send and receive money, split bills and much more. A NayaPay account comes with a free Visa Virtual card which can be used for making online payments, internationally and locally. You also order a free physical debit card from the app and have it delivered to your home and use it to withdraw cash at ATMs and pay in-store at over 46 million merchants across the globe.

Features of NayaPay

NayaPay Debit card
Debit Card

Here are the silent features of NayaPay.

  • Free Physical debit card and no annual fee
  • Internationally acceptable
  • The mobile application is available
  • Instant transfer
  • No message charges
  • Two ways authentification
  • Login Alert message
  • Transfer alert message

For ATM withdrawal charges, you can read them here

How to Open an Account And Get a Free NayaPay Debit Card?

Here are some steps to have on the board:

  • Search “NayaPay” on the play store
  • Download the application
  • Sign up with any of your cellular sim numbers
  • The team will verify your detail and your wallet is ready to use within a few minutes
  • After verification know you can apply for a physical debit card which is free
  • Your card will be received within 7 days at your doorstep.
Nayapay features


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