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How to Delete Pi Network Account Permanently [Solved]

In this guide, I show you How to Delete Pi Network Account Permanently. You can easily deactivate your Pi Network account by following this simple tutorial.

Pi Network is a first digital currency you can mine on mobile. They use decentralized blockchain technology. It is not officially launched, but there is a report that it will be launched in January 2022.  It does not consume more battery power of your phone.You can earn Pi coins through your mobile wallet.

The Pi Network app is powered by Social Chain. You can follow the Pi Network on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. There are various reasons why you want to deactivate your Pi Network account, among them can be trust issues or email spam. The mjor reason to delate your account is it not listed or able to trade yet. Due to these reasons you can remove pi neywork account.

How to Delete Pi Network Account

You have to go through the following simple steps to delete your Pi Account.

  •  Open the Pi Network app on your device.

remove pi network

  • Click on the Hamburger button and navigate to the Profile section.

profile delete pi network

  • Scroll down and click on SEE HOW under the Account deletion section.
  • Then, type your Pi account username and click on the DELETE button.

username delete pi network permanently

  • In the pop-up screen, click on the Delete option.

delete pi

After that, your Pi Network account will be deactivated. In this way, you can easily deactivate your Pi account in a few steps. After 15 days, your Pi account will be deleted permanently and you cannot recover it.

Does Pi Network have any value?

Meta And Crypto

Rght now, there’s absolutely no evidence about the value of pi network coin. Currently they cannot be traded yet.

Can i delete my pi network account?

Yes , you can by following above steps.

How much time it takes to delete permanent account?

They take almost 15 days to clear all the previous data.

Can I sell PI coins?

Currently, investors cannot trade with Pi coins. You can waite for the project to be launched.

Final Thought

I hope this guide assisted you to delete your Pi Network account permanently. If you think this guide helped you please consider to share it with your pi ntwork friends.

If you still have doubts, I will be here to assist you 😉

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