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How to Write SEO optimized article?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, as many of you might know, it involves a series of ways to improve your website ranking on google. How do we do that? Well, it’s a separate topic. The SEO-Optimized article will help to rank your website.


SEO-Optimized articles are easily crawled by google crawlers. If Google finds the article written “up to perfection”, Google would consider it content that is good and worthy enough to be shown to a greater number of people.



1. First of all, your article title should be plain, free from tough vocabulary, and follow the simplest statement that you would search on google.

For example:

Let’s say I want to know which cat breed can survive in Pakistani weather.

I would Google “Cat breeds suitable to adopt in Pakistan” OR “Cat breeds that can survive a hot climate”.

Believe me, NO ONE googles the same thing like this “I want to know which cat breed should I adopt in Pakistan because the temperature here is too hot” NOR will anyone google like this “Exquisite cat breeds acquired to pull through scorching climates”

Your title should be SIMPLEST and not more than 60-65 characters.

2. If you are writing a thousand-word article, you should add a 150-200 words introduction, a 600-700 words explanation, and a conclusion of 150-250 words conclusion.

3.  Add an internal and an external hyperlink.

If you are writing an article for a business company, the business company must provide you with specific Keywords. You are requested to add these keywords anywhere in the article, preferably at the beginning. Once you send the article, the company, itself will insert a hyperlink in the keyword.


Well, keywords are google search terms, that people most commonly search for.

For example, I’m currently working for a fashion company, which sells bridal wear.

Now ask yourself, if you want to buy bridal wear in Pakistan, how would you google it?

Most people would search “Pakistani bridal wear” on Google.

So yes, my company uses this keyword for its optimization. Along with that, another keyword that my company uses is “Pakistani marriage wear”.

You use keywords with hyperlinks inserted in them because google crawlers would read the keyword and categorize your company in a specific niche. Furthermore, Google would also rank your site depending on how many articles of yours are posted on different websites and how strong of content you are producing.

4. Your article should be easy to read, grammatically correct, and well organized.

Here’s a suggestion.

Once you complete your article, go to Grammarly and remove all grammatical errors.

5. Use appropriate images in the article.

6. Your article MUST be unique and plagiarism-free.

If Google finds out that your article is not exactly yours or that you copied a major portion of your article from another article, your article would be flagged as spam and thus it would demote your website ranking.

For that purpose, there are hundreds of plagiarism detectors available online. Use one of them to see if it contains any plagiarism. If it does, correct it at once.

7. Your article should be TO-THE-POINT.

If I were working for a fashion company, I would write fashion-related articles. It would be my BIGGEST mistake if I write an article about “How cats poop”

and add the fashion keyword to it.

I would confuse google as to which category I fit in.

8. Lastly, use simple keywords and simple English so that a reader may not find it hard to understand.

Tools for SEO optimized Article

  1. Yoast Seo
  2. Grammarly extension
  3. Small SEO tool for plagiarism checker

Good Luck!

FAQ Seo Optimize Article

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Is SEO is necessory for rank an article?

Yes, it is very important to rank an article. It helps google to understand the content.

What are major tips to rank an article?

  1. Short and interesting article title
  2. Use proper images
  3. Meta Description
  4. Hyperlinking
  5. Backlinks
  6. To the point
  7. Decent length of the article
  8. Must be plagiarised free content


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