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Miracles of Artificial Intelligence

The Miracles of Artificial Intelligence

The miracles of Artificial Intelligence are not less. AI technology is doing an excellent job in every field from management to astronomy and to healthcare. Artificial Intelligence is helping mankind in their real-world problems.

Let’s have a look at the three miracles of artificial intelligence!

City management By Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever heard of a city that is controlled by artificial intelligence? It is not just a fantasy or an impossibility to happen in the future, but as a smart city in the present. The city of Hangzhou in China has been launched.To simplify the daily life of the citizens of this city, which has software to enable all infrastructure services but is a holy city. All the information and resources that are actively used are a series of computer programs, not institutions or individuals. This is one of the miracles of artificial intelligence in management.

Smart City :Artificial intelligence
Smart City: Artificial intelligence

        In October 2016, the management of the city of Hangzhou, with a population of 9 million, began working with Alibaba and Foxconn to launch a new “City Brain” project in their city. The artificial intelligence from that day until now collects all the details and gradually unleashes its power in the city. Every citizen has been identified. Data relating to all residents’ activities of communication, purchasing, business, travel, etc have been captured by AI.

Most of that key information goes into the store. Using this knowledge, artificial intelligence makes real-time decisions to make it easier for citizens to use. It works without deleting anyone. Artificial intelligence has laid the foundation for its rule by obtaining information ranging from water supply to population size in various parts of the city.

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        Although many people do not want to live in a city where their information is captured by a computer, life in Hangzhou is reportedly simple. It is known as a city where there are no traffic jams and one can live a safe life.

As a result of the success of the first “City Brain” project, many Chinese cities are heading for a new, world-renowned system, the report said.

The first planet discovered by Artificial intelligence

Discovery of new planet
Discovery of a new planet

Scientists are focused on finding Exoplanets orbiting the star outside the Solar System in their quest for life in the distant universe. There, when the planet rotates in front of a star, a very small decrease in the brightness of that star is used. NASA’s spacecraft Kepler has used artificial intelligence to analyze such data, and scientists have been able to discover a planet that has never been discovered before.

         Kepler-90i, the planet orbiting the Draco star Kepler – 90 with about 2545 light-years from Earth, is the latest to be discovered. In addition, seven other planets have previously been identified as orbiting the star. Scientists Christopher Shallue and Andrew Vanderburg “taught” a computer how to identify the planet from light-emitting signals obtained from the Kepler telescope, and then analyzed computer data to identify the new planet.

Scientists say that analytical data analysis of the same new technologies could reveal more about the earth in the near future. Now, Ai is helping scientists in astronomy.

AI Software that detects 6000 viruses

        Researchers have developed a powerful machine learning algorithm that can detect viruses more quickly and effectively than traditional methods. These are not computer viruses but medical viruses. The algorithm created by artificial intelligence has made it easier to detect large numbers of new viruses. Simon Roux, of the United States Department of Energy Joint Genome, said inoviruses that the method had significant implications for human health and industrial applications.

Detection of Viruses By AI
Detection of Viruses By AI

            Inoviruses are a very useful family virus. These are not directly harmful to humans but are sometimes dangerous to health. Inoviruses, for example, are more potent toxins than Vibrio cholera. Machine learning is an algorithm that enables you to view and read patterns in data. That is, in this process, the machine can be trained to identify specific patterns in the genes and then be able to differentiate itself independently and introduce the artificial inoviruses.

        Rax’s method of training was twofold. First, 805 genes/generations of Inoviruses are included in the algorithm. The software then provided information on the sequence of genes/generations of 2000 viruses or viruses. Here the software was able to select only the inoviruses correctly. The software was then used to process a large amount of genetic information. Artificial intelligence has detected more than 10,000 inoviruses. Then these Inoviruses were isolated and classified.

      Before the study, Rax had identified less than 100 types of inoviruses, but new software (artificial intelligence) identified more than 6,000 strains. Rax says the family of inoviridae must be truly multicultural to have so many species. And these results will be of great benefit to human health and industrial applications.

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