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Tesla model Pi phone

Top 5 Crazy Tesla Model Pi Phone Features To Know

Elon Musk just revealed why the Tesla Model Pi phone is unlike any other? Imagine you are lost somewhere in a country and there you don’t even know the languages. So, you decided to call your friend and ask out for help. But your phone doesn’t have a network connection. Well obviously, because you are in a completely different country but what if we tell you that there is a smartphone that gets connected to the network almost anywhere around the globe. Yes, we are talking about another musk invention that is apart from this era, want to know more stay tuned to the blog.

Apple Samsung and Huawei are currently the kings of the smartphone industry.  Samsung is the anti-iPhone for those who want to use a high-end phone. Moreover, Samsung is ruling the folding phone market with the latest clamshell and other folding devices but the question that arises here is can tesla smartphones outperforms these already established companies? well if you ask us. Yes of course it can the main reason behind this is the ingenious brain of the world’s richest man, Mr Elon musk. But when it comes to the company tesla, you’d expect it to be cherished with more innovative technology and features and this rumoured tesla model pi doesn’t disappoint anyway.

Image Credit ADR Screengrab
Image Credit ADR Screengrab

              The tesla phone will come with some cool tech loaded just like the tesla cars in September 2021. We got some rumours about tesla working on a smartphone. But now it’s been widely reported that tesla will officially launch the model pi phone later this year or maybe next year. It’s not clear exactly when or even if at all but the tech rumour mill is awash with a pi talk which by the way is a short form of raspberry which is a low-cost credit-card-sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or tv and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. however, the model pi is also rumoured to have a brain phone interface from a neural link.

All this information and rumors indicate that the company will launch the Tesla Model Pi phone for sure. Let’s look at the leaked features of the Model Tesla Pi phone.

Here are the top 5 crazy features of tesla pi phone. Let’s jump to features!

1. Direct Connection to Satellite

Starlink is one of the most important pet projects of SpaceX and Elon musk right now and is the perfect tie-in to a tesla smartphone. The goal is to create a network of low-orbit satellites to provide easy internet access no matter where you are in the world. it’s also becoming more and more valuable as time goes on. Starlink still has a long way to go but including native support in a tesla, the phone seems like an obvious move. The best part about the model pi phone will be the Starlink integration. The tesla smartphone will be compatible with SpaceX’s styling satellite internet service even in remote regions.

Image Credit ADR Screengrab
Image Credit ADR Screengrab

        High-speed internet will be available directly from the satellites. However, the speed on the smartphone is going to be like never seen before. Moreover, with the help of the styling connection, we can use the phone on mars too and can communicate with people on earth. This will be the perfect tie-in to the tesla smartphones for sure and this is kind of obvious that the tesla model pi smartphone will be able to link with the Tesla cars.

2. Tesla Car Control

You’ll be able to control your Tesla car with the help of the phone. Hence, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your electric car vehicle with model pi and along with that a built-in solar charging technology in tesla phones will be just exceptional. Once this happens all you need to do is move out to a sunny place and your phone will be charged at least with this technology you won’t have to search for charging ports anymore.

3. Crypto Mining with Tesla Model Pi Phone

Elon Musk once said that his tesla smartphone will also be able to do crypto mining mars coins. But we don’t know how this can be possible. However, we do believe in Elon musk and even if the tesla model pi phone manages to integrate crypto debit cards or services like lightning, its popularity might increase than it is now.

4. Built-in Solar Charging

  Solar charging is already available for many smartphones with the right accessory. The idea is that you leave it out in a sunny location and get your battery partly charged as a result and it’s eco-friendly. it’s a great concept to think about including native solar charging on the model pi and a perfect fit for tesla. The company has already made a name for itself with its classy solar panel shingles. but there’s just one big problem with turning the back of a smartphone into a solar panel you can’t use a case otherwise we would have probably seen more smartphone brands try this by now.

5. Model Pi Privacy Feature

But apart from charging and all let’s talk about its privacy feature some kind of biometrics is an obvious pick for a tesla phone the company could theoretically use some of its development in smart cams for self-driving tesla cars and create a face id system. however, fingerprint unlocking is also a possibility and the ADR concept features use the ultrasonic sensor located on the touchscreen itself.

6. Integration with Tesla Cars

  Tesla vehicles would be included in a tesla phone that could easily include lock and unlock features remote commands. Imagine using summon mode directly from your phone and monitoring all car specs from the battery temperature to lighting not only would this be an easy choice, but it would also probably be a primary marketing point for the phone too.

Tesla Pi Phone
Tesla Pi Phone

Almost everyone we know in crypto wants to unbank themselves from the crappy legacy banking system we have in most countries then imagine that while you are driving in your tesla or just out and about with your phone, you don’t need to use the debit card or credit card system you can pay through your tesla wallet. There is no need for apple pay or google pay to protect your card numbers from getting out everywhere or your identity is stolen your crypto wallet can pay for it or maybe tesla decides they want to develop a tesla pay to compete with apple pay and you know with tesla and musk that they would make it fun and easy to use.

Model Pi Specifications

Tesla model pi smartphone is expected to be equipped with a quality 4k screen a cluster of four cameras with the main camera of 108-megapixel resolution powered by a snapdragon 898 soc chip and up to two terabytes of flash storage. All these features are likely to be expected in the rumour tesla model pi smartphone however no official announcements have been made by the company we will keep you in the loop about the tesla model pi phone.

But apart from all this tesla isn’t an outlier anymore in the auto business being the first car maker to hit one trillion dollars in market capitalization and the fastest to have reached that milestone. Many analysts however say its journey is just beginning as robot taxis driven by AI could change the way people move. Thereby creating a new multi-trillion-dollar market there’s also a lot that tesla can do right now, and the pi phone is just one of those things.

What do you guys think about the pi phone will change the smartphone industry as it did with the automotive industry? let us know in the comments below!

Tesla phone release date:

All these features can probably be expected in the Tesla Model Pi smartphone. However, no official statements have been made by the company. We will keep you updated on the Tesla Model Pi phone. Until then, let us know your thoughts on the Model Pi smartphone by commenting below.

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