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What is Web1.0, Web2.0 and Now Web3.0?

If you’ve heard of Web3.0, then you probably know it as the next iteration of the Internet. What most people don’t realize is that Web3.0 will serve as an open-source foundation for the upcoming Metaverse. In this article let’s break down everything in simple terms starting from Web 1.0 all the way to Web 3.0 and discuss the differences as well.


The earliest stage of the World Wide Web’s evolution is referred to as Web 1.0. Personal web pages were common, consisting mainly of static pages. In simple terms, during Web 1.0, we only had static pages hosted, read-only functionality was present at this stage. Here we have only the ability to read things. Such as Google, Internet Explorer, and Yahoo where you only search for information that is considered static since that information is common for all users. Content creation was not possible at this stage.

Web 1.0 Time span was before 2005.


This is where the tables change a bit and yes you guess, at this stage, we were able to participate on the web (as simple as having your Facebook account, posting content on the web) so that’s where it all comes from. It is exciting where you get to participate with the web, but there is one problem here all your data is stored in a central system, which means that if a large server/organization fails all your transactions/services will stop, this is just a reminder when Facebook crashes a few hours in 2021, and we could not reach Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Here many content creators were produced, and huge data was uploaded. Internet speed raised from kbps to Mbps and now Gbps.

Web 2.0 was started in 2005 till now.


Now there are no intermediaries which mean everything is decentralized and yes which means you won’t face any failures at all. Since this will be using blockchain technology, there will not be a centralized server instead every machine/node takes part in the process and if 1 of them fails it’s fine there will be no issue at all. Now 2021 onward Metaverse is going to create which will be the next iteration of the internet.

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So this is just about a touch of complexity in web 1.0, web 2.0, and web 3.0 is all about. If you need a detailed explanation in any of the areas even outside of this article, let me know in the comments and I will break it down in the next article.

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