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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Top 6 Benefits of Artificial intelligence Marketing

The global Artificial Intelligence Market was USD 27.23 Billion in 2019 and is predicted to reach USD 266.92 Billion by 2027 according to Fortune Business Insights. Hence it is a growing industry. Google and Facebook are using Artificial intelligence for marketing their products.

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like data science and machine learning to anticipate the customer journey next level.

Customer data is gathered from different companies to use in the AI model. From customer data we can predict their needs and what they are searching for online. We use their data to show them ads according to customer requirements. Big tech companies like Facebook and YouTube use customer data to show them ads.

Why Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence Marketing is the need of the hour because it is autopilot and hustle-free. Once the AI environment is set up then it works automatically, and it is much more efficient and accurate. In marketing, we need to improve our sales and AI works better than any other tool. There are very few chances of mistakes and it saves us a lot of time.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

1. Interactive Chatbots

A chatbot is the result of artificial intelligence. Chatbots can interact with thousands of customers at the same time. There is no need to wait for a response. Chatbots immediately respond to the customers. These can predict customer problems by aggregating location-specific requests to detect patterns and provide solutions.

Chatbots had resolved the problem of repetitive and frequently asked questions. Almost all the issues can be resolved by chatbots but if any question is not able to resolve then it will be redirected to humans.

Chatbots have reduced human labour which is the result of artificial intelligence. From e-commerce to health to insurance, interactive chatbots are providing customer support.

2. Smart Ads

Artificial intelligence (AI) Ads can deep dig into keywords, searches, social media profiles, user interests, and other online data for the best outcomes. Now online ads can become smarter with an abundance of data available.

For example, if someone searches for a “Bag”. This Bag keyword will be saved and then the user will see the ads related to bags. This is all due to artificial intelligence which is using the data and showing customers-related results. Smart Ads can generate a lead of purchases. They can automatically target potential clients or buyers.

3. Intelligence email marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing (AI marketing) makes it possible to send personal mail to every single customer. By analyzing a customer’s reading pattern and topics of interest, we can send emails using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence helps us to understand customer interest.

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4. Dynamic Pricing

By enabling dynamic pricing, artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies be more competitive with their pricing. By evaluating huge quantities of competitive data, AI platforms can suggest optimal prices for products in real time. This strategy is more effective in retail. In dynamic pricing, prices change with demand and supply. It is the biggest advantage over competitors.

5. AI Content Creation

Artificial intelligence is transforming content production for marketing, which would help deliver business growth. Now we can create content by using AI.

Marketers can use artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver the ideal content that is most relevant to them. Different online tools are available to produce AI-powered content.

6. Artificial Intelligence Voice-over

Now we don’t need to hire a voiceover anymore. Artificial Intelligence voiceover tools are available in the market. These tools can easily voiceover any content into mp3.

We can voiceover our ads with these tools. AI-powered voiceover has transformed the ads agency completely Artificial Intelligence has increased sale than traditional marketing.

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