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Facebook page Monetization

Facebook Page Monetization Now in Pakistan

It is good news for Pakistani content creators that Facebook is now allowing them to monetize their Facebook Page.

Pakistanis to make money from Facebook videos | Amazing development for Pakistan from Facebook.

Facebook has decided to start a pilot program regarding the monetization of videos in Pakistan.

Ministry of Information Technology (IT) officials have also confirmed the development.

Facebook will first launch a pilot project and keeping in view the outcome of the program, the video monetization policy will be decided by the company.

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Currently, some select media organizations and individuals have their videos monetized. But for this, they have to hire services of companies in countries like Singapore or UAE and apply for monetization from those regions.

Once it’s enabled, everyone producing video content will be able to make money from their content.

The ministry said that Meta will make a pilot project for video monetization then the policies will be introduced as it thinks that directly allowing monetization could be risky.

The above news is from different authentic news sources!

Previously people hire other countries’ people to apply for Monetization on their behalf because Pakistan was not listed in Monetizable countries.

After this, there will be no need for a foreign admin to apply for Facebook Page Monetization.

Good luck Pakistani content creators 🤞

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